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Chatbot vs Conversational App

Before going any further, let us explain why Botonic is your best ally.

Botonic is a React-based framework that allows you to build conversational experiences.

A chatbot is an intelligent artificial agent that implies an AI-centric, text-only interaction with your bot.

Botonic helps you to create Conversational Applications to deliver a good user experience by using all the typical chatbot features like Guided flows, NLU, Multi-language, Media support (images, video, location...), Webviews, Human handoff or Webchat. Your Conversation app will learn fast, understand your need, know you and help for your transactions.

Moreover, to make developers' lives easier, Botonic offers:

  • CLI tools.
  • A typical development workflow (git, CI, CD, etc).
  • An open-source and testable code.
  • A comprehensive documentation.
  • A welcoming and helpful community.

Botonic and Hubtype

Botonic is a project created by the Hubtype team. Hubtype is a platform that allows companies to attend their customers on messaging apps by combining bots and humans. The easiest way to put your botonic bot in production is to deploy it to Hubtype, as it offers:

  • Easy deployments.
  • Automatic scaling.
  • Debug tools.
  • NLU retraining assistance.
  • 1-click integrations including Messaging / Voice channels, Analytics, Helpdesks, NLU as a service.

Now, let's get started!

Note: If you have questions or encounter a problem, do not hesitate to send us a Slack or report them here.

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