List of Templates

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Botonic offers a list of templates to help you set up a chatbot rapidly.

  • Blank: Template with empty actions. The bot will always responds with the default 404 action "I don't understand you" when you test it.
  • Tutorial: Template with comments to learn by reading the source files.
  • Childs: Simple example on how childRoutes work.
  • Intent: Bot that uses external AI like DialogFlow.
  • Custom Webchat: Customizable webchat that can be embedded in your website.
  • Dynamic Carousel: Bot that gets data from an external API and renders a Carousel. Carousels are horizontal scrollable elements with image, title and buttons for users to trigger an action.
  • Human handoff: Simple bot that transfers the conversation to Hubtype Desk.
  • NLU: Starter template for your project with NLU capabilities.
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