Botonic Settings

NLU Integrations

Integrate your bots with your preferred NLU services. For further information see the NLU Plugin section.

Typing Options

index.js is the main file where all the stuff is exported for Botonic to make it work. Additionally, you can specify within a config object a global value which will be applied to all the messages processed by the bot.


export { routes } from './routes'
export { locales } from './locales'
export { plugins } from './plugins'
export { webchat } from './webchat'
export { webviews } from './webviews'
export const config = { defaultDelay: 1, defaultTyping: 1 }
  • defaultTyping: Specifies how many seconds the typing component has to be displayed.
  • defaultDelay: Specifies the seconds that pass before sending the order to process the user input.

Both options are set to 0 by default. Feel free to tune these parameters to obtain the expected behavior of your bot.

You can also define these settings inside your messages. In this case, the values defined within a message will have preference over the global settings.

import React from 'react'
import { Text } from '@botonic/react'
export default class extends React.Component {
render() {
return (
<Text delay='2'>Hi!</Text>
<Text typing='1'>How are you?</Text>
<Text delay='1' typing='1'>
I am very glad to see you again.

The fallback content to display on prerendering